Kang Min Kyung’s gas stove is worth more than the salary she offers for experienced recruits: Reason why the controversy continues despite her explanation

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung is embroiled in an “underpaying” controversy regarding the shopping mall she is running. Despite Kang’s explanation, Internet users continue to criticize her.

Earlier on Jan 5th, Kang Min Kyung posted a recruitment announcement on a job search site for her shopping mall on Instagram Story.

The announcement released contains information that Kang Min Kyung is recruiting a three-month contract employee who can be converted to a full-time employee at her shopping mall. The main job was CS (Customer Service) and designer, requiring 3 to 7 years of work experience, college graduates or higher, and various matters in addition to the main job. However, the salary she offered was only 25 million won (approximately $20,000) per year based on the workload of 40 hours a week, which is causing controversy as it is the allowed minimum salary.

Kang Min-kyung

As the controversy grew, Kang Min Kyung deleted the recruitment notice posted on her Instagram story and explained through a new one, “The annual salary listed in the CS recruitment notice is a mistake of the person in charge.” However, as netizens still criticized her explanation, Kang Min Kyung eventually posted a long apology through an Instagram post on the morning of Jan 6th.

In the post, Kang Min Kyung said, “In the case of candidates with experience, Àvie Muah always negotiates based on their previous salary. For new applicants who have no experience or no academic background requirement, the starting salary is based on the minimum hourly wage, but will be re-negotiated every year.”

She added, “Currently, Àvie Muah offers four major insurance and legal allowances, one month of paid sabbatical leave, flexible working hours if necessary, annual/monthly leave, snacks, office supplies, Àvie Muah products, staff sale benefits, gift cards for Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn, and Birthday, to provide as much additional benefits as possible aside from the monthly salary.”

Kang Min-kyung

However, Internet users are still criticizing despite Kang Min Kyung’s explanation. 

They said, “Why did you write snacks in the part supposed for annual/monthly leave?” “I’ve never seen a workplace that lists office supplies as a benefit,” “I don’t like the obvious lie that she made a mistake with the salary,” “You used ‘no experience or degree required’ to lure in new recruits but technically, the boss is also a non-expert with no academic background,” “I’m even more disappointed to see her hiding, saying it’s an employee’s mistake,” and “A growing company wouldn’t buy buildings already.

Kang Min-kyung
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In particular, Internet users criticized Kang Min Kyung by referring to the kitchen construction that Kang Min Kyung unveiled through her YouTube channel “Gyang Ming Kyung” in October last year.

In a YouTube video at the time, Kang Min Kyung revealed her new kitchen, saying, “I fixed this and that because water leaked from the kitchen.” Introducing her newly installed gas stove, Kang Min Kyung drew attention by unveiling the price, which was worth as much as 27 million won, saying, “This is something I have always wanted.”

Kang Min-kyung

Kang Min Kyung’s shopping mall Àvie Muah was launched in June 2020, and Kang Min Kyung later purchased a 6.5 billion won building in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, to relocate her office.

Source: wikitree

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