Kang Min Kyung apologized for the controversy over her hiring announcement with a salary that is deemed “too low”

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung issued a statement about the controversy over her recruitment announcement. 

On January 6th, Kang Min Kyung said, “Today, I am not speaking as Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, but as the CEO of Àvie muah. A few hours ago, I posted a recruitment notice, in which the salary for a new non-academic graduate without experience was incorrectly listed. As soon as I confirmed the mistake, it was corrected immediately. I apologize for my negligence in not checking the content again,” expressing her position on the controversy in the job posting.

Kang Min-kyung

When hiring, in the case of experienced workers, negotiations are necessarily conducted based on the previous salary. In the case of new applicants for non-experts with no experience, the starting salary is based on the minimum hourly wage, and annual salary negotiations are conducted every year. Àvie muah is still a growing brand, and I feel heavy because I have nothing to say other than that I will work harder on not being able to discuss higher salaries for new applicants,” she added.

In addition, mentioning the four major insurance policies, legal allowances, vacation use, flexible work system, and employee benefits, she said, “We are trying to provide benefits other than salary, even if small. As the company grows I will devote myself to creating a better environment,” she emphasized.

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Previously, a hiring notice was posted on the shopping mall run by Kang Min Kyung on January 5th, and a salary controversy unexpectedly arose. It is a 3-month CS (Customer Service) contract recruitment that can be converted to a full-time position. There were too many areas of duties written, including response to online shopping mall CS, responding to overseas customers’ emails in English, planning and collecting operational policies through analyzing customer inquiries, collecting orders, communication with logistics centers related to shipment and return. 

Moreover, more than 3 years of online mall CS work experience, proficient communication skills, and intermediate use of Excel are required, and the annual salary was set at 25 million won based on 40 hours of work a week. 

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Netizens who saw this pointed out the problem that the minimum hourly wage in 2023 is 9,620 won, and the annual salary is far too low for an experienced worker. 

Later, Kang Min Kyung even posted a long apology, explaining that the job recruitment post was for new employees, not experienced people, but the contents were miswritten. However, the aftermath of the mistake is still intensifying. In particular, a netizen mentioned when Kang Min Kyung boasted about her 27 million won gas stove in a housewarming video in the past and commented, “The salary for new employees is even cheaper than the price of a gas stove”.

Kang Min-kyung

Internet users poured out negative feedback, such as “It’s not that she posted the hiring notice only once or twice. I don’t think it’s a mistake”, “Not even a rookie, but 25 million won for an experienced worker? They’re not slaves…”, “Are you looking for part-timers?”, “Isn’t this called ‘passion pay’?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung debuted as a member of Davichi in 2008. She became a building owner last year after purchasing a building located in Mapo-gu, Seoul worth 6.5 billion won. She recently practiced good deeds by donating 150 million won of her Youtube revenue.

Source: Daum

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