“K-pop Star In A Nude Show?” Concerns Arise Regarding BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‘Crazy Horse’ Performance

Concerns are growing over BLACKPINK’s Lisa taking the stage of France’s sexual cabaret “Crazy Horse” 

Lisa will be on stage as a “Crazy Horse” headliner for three days from September 28th to the 30th. 

“Crazy Horse” is a performance show featuring women and art and is considered one of the top three shows in Paris, France, along with “Moulin Rouge” and “Lido.”

However, there was controversy over “Crazy Horse” having performances conducted by shining lights on women’s nude bodies. In addition, it was revealed that in order to become a dancer of “Crazy Horse”, you must meet somewhat detailed and stark body standards, which made headlines. 

Earlier, Lisa revealed some of the choreography to be presented at “Crazy Horse” on her social media account on September 25th. Photos and videos released showed Lisa dancing under a blue light. Lisa is showing off her dance skills by doing waves with her long hair tied high.


In addition to her solo songs, Lisa will perform “But I Am A Good Girl” and “Crisis? What Crisis?”

In the case of “Crisis? What Crisis?”, the song is about a woman who is on the verge of nervous breakdown due to the unstable economic situation in Paris, and at that time, her clothes fell off and flew away, showing the Paris stock market graph fluctuating. It is a performance satirizing the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. 

Fans were concerned about Lisa’s appearance on the show, saying, “Is she helping to commercialize sex” and “Does Lisa have to go on the show?” In addition, there are many concerns that there will be young fans looking for the show.

On the other hand, there are also positive opinions. On the popular Korean forum Nate Pann, fans are leaving comments to defend Lisa.

Some of those include,

  • “But the show is the problem. Lisa doesn’t have anything to blame. She’s just performing”
  • “It’s too much to criticize Lisa just because of her performance. First of all, famous celebrities from abroad, such as Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, and so many celebrities who have visited Paris came to the show, and it even collaborated with Beyoncé. Why is Lisa being criticized all of a sudden? Lol are you pretending to be noble again while you’re talking about sex merchandising? Lisa, put your hair up and shout out for women’s rights”
  • “Why are you criticizing Lisa when she’s not doing a racy performance? If that show is controversial, criticize the show. What’s wrong with the singer who just performs there?”

Meanwhile, Lisa has recently been rumored to fail to renew her contract with her agency YG Entertainment. Lisa left for Paris, France, on the 24th for the “Crazy Horse” stage, but she arrived in Paris alone without staff. In fact, in the video taken in Paris, Lisa left the departure hall with bodyguards, not YG staff. Prior to this, Lisa was rumored to have been offered tens of billions of won worth of contract down payment by another agency.

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