K-pop idols become center of criticism without lifting a finger

Unlike other members in the same groups who are rarely attacked by netizens, these idols are consecutively criticized due to ridiculous reasons.

Jimin, V, Jungkook (BTS)

Along with their global consecutive success, in terms of the popularity and fandom size, BTS is the unbeatable boy group at the moment. Despite a huge number of fans, they also have many anti-fans.

In BTS’s music career, apart from ARMY- fans who always support and protect them unconditionally, there have been demanding netizens often envious with other’s success or anti- fans who always wait to dig up dirt on and gloat over their faults.

Obviously, the most famous members will be the center of criticism. Jimin, V, Jungkook from BTS are not an exception.

After changing into a sexy and mature concept with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, the number of Jimin’s fans has been increased dramatically along with a huge number of anti-fans. Just within a year, Jimin received death threats twice.

He is a frequent victim of groundless rumors or receives insults in terms of both appearance and dignity. That Jimin is often in charge of killing part (highlight of a song) makes anti- fans vexed even though that is his agency’s decision.

Although Jimin is the main victim of death threats towards BTS, “golden youngest member” Jungkook is the one who has been most criticized since their debut. As he is super-talented and good-looking, the agency let him take charge of both center position and main vocal.

Idols’ weakness of appearance that is still amazingly beautiful in fans’ eyes
No matter how much Jungkook (BTS) does the make-up, it’s hard to cover the scar on his check, but to his fans, this is a feature making him manlier.

Along with singing, he has quite a lot of scenes in their music videos and he even is the center in most BTS’s performances. Therefore, netizens hate and often curse him for being selfish.

Among BTS members, “the most worldwide handsome of 2017”- V has to face the most ridiculous scandals. Just kidding with fans in their fansign brought him a shocking scandal on newspapers. Even when he received the trophy on the stage, he was to blame for being disrespectful to seniors just because of mumbling “Loser” of Big Bang.

Moreover, he is the victim of many unfounded rumors including dating rumors or his behavior. In general, it is all because of the over-nitpicking from a number of Korean netizens

Nayeon (Twice)

Hardly is an idol insulted without doing anything. She often is involved in scandals such as being indisposed with fans, bullying group members, making Sana wardrobe malfunction, ranking herself 1st among Twice members and looking down on other members according to the latest news.

However, it is widely proven that all these scandals are made up on purpose or exaggerated because netizens are testy with the popularity of Nayeon. Anyway, JYP is famous for dignity training rather than talent, so how can an idol having bad dignity debut and have so much affection?

Joy (Red Velvet)

All troubles with her anti-fans start when Joy became the main character of “The Great Seducer”. She was criticized seriously because of paying too much attention to acting without caring about the group’s activities, especially her absence in the performance in North Korea. Netizens then left even more negative comments to her bad acting which was believed to make “The Great Seducer” become one of the lowest-rating films in history.

However, it cannot be denied that Joy starts acting brings her a new leap in her career. When talking about Red Velvet, people no longer only talk about Irene or Seulgi as before. Joy’s image has become popular even with people uninterested in and not listening to Kpop regularly.

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