Knet has a new concept for the top 5 K-pop girl groups “TeuReBleMaYeo” and worried about their future when the groups’ contracts end?

Contracts of Kpop girl groups usually have a term of 7 years, do you realize that the contracts of the following groups are about to end

After the expiration of the contract and the departure of all 7 members of GOT7, fans realized a firm stance from JYP Entertainment, that the company would only accept the group re-signing the contract together or disband.  Although it was previously reported that a few members were accepting re-signing, JYP Entertainment finally announced that all 7 members of GOT7 will leave the company.  At this moment, the story of JYP’s groups is suddenly mentioned, which typically is the confession of the leader of TWICE – Jihyo.

Accordingly, the case of GOT7 is no exception.  Jihyo once shared that any JYP Entertainment artist is given priority to work with the group rather than debuting as a solo artist.  Jihyo’s confession made many people understand that JYP did not want any group under JYP to disband, so in GOT7’s case, the company wanted the boys to choose whether to renew the contract together or leave at the same time.  company.  This is to put “pressure” on the group.  But it seems that this action was unintentionally counterproductive.

TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl

Through Jihyo’s sharing, many viewers also realized that she had wanted to make a solo debut for a long time, but because of JYP’s “law”, now she only cares about the group’s career, and put aside her dream of solo activities.

Immediately after Jihyo’s sharing, many viewers began to worry about the future of the current Kpop girl groups.  The average contract of a girl group is 7 years, and now, girl groups like TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK, GFRIEND will gradually terminate their contracts over the next few years.  This will be a challenging period for both artists and fans because no one wants to say goodbye to their idols.

TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl
TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl
Red Velvet
TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl4
TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl
TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl

Knet even gave a lovely nickname to these 5 popular K-pop girl groups, “Treblemayeo”, including Korean transcription of all 5 groups, TeuReBleMaYeo (TWICE, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, and  GFRIEND).  With a certain success each year, Kpop fans hope that the girls will continue to go together for longer:

– Jihyo has been working hard for the past 10 years, of course, she will choose the group.

 – Treblemayeo is a legend too, let’s sign another contract

 – The common point of Treblemayeo is that they always get a lot of criticism on social networks, but every time they come back, they will attract attention. Please go together for a long time.

– Now in the public eye, JYP is TWICE because GOT7 is gone.  There was a time when JYP’s stocks were so low that only TWICE could get JYP back up to return to BIG3, back then the shares were lower than FNC. 

 – 3rd generation girl groups are all very amazing.

TeuReBleMaYeo top 5 K-pop girl

Sources: kenh14

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