K-pop Female Idols’ Obsession with Being Thin, Extreme Diets and The Toll on Their Health

K-pop girl groups and diets have an inseparable relationship

Female idols are constantly evaluated based on their appearance, making them extremely sensitive to their looks. However, the use of extreme diet plans that harm their health has raised concerns.

TWICE’s Sana recently confessed to doing the “tomato bubble” diet, shedding light on the diets of other girl group members. On September 21st, Sana appeared on the YouTube channel “Daily 7-117” and revealed what she had in her refrigerator. In her fridge, there were diet cereals, in keeping with her idol image.


Sana also shared the difficulties she faced as a trainee. She said, “During my trainee days, I was under so much stress that there were times I gained weight. So, there was a time when I only ate 8 bubble tomatoes a day to lose weight.” Fortunately, she is now able to diet without the company’s interference.

Kwon Eunbi also underwent extreme dieting during her trainee days. She said on ‘Strong Heart League,’ “I needed to lose weight to debut as a trainee, so I sliced an apple in the morning and ate one slice at 1 PM, and another at 2 PM for three days.” She survived on just one apple for three days. On days when she had to weigh herself, she even went to the bathroom to spit out saliva and sweated in the sauna in the middle of the night.

Kwon Eunbi

Soyou also admitted to having dieting obsessions during her time as a Sistar member. She claimed to have lost 8 kg in just a month. She said, “I attended many public events, so I ate a lot of ice cream and bread instead of regular meals, and I gained a lot of weight. I was shocked to see myself, who used to be thin, become 56 kg.” She explained, “I removed the yolks from four quail eggs and almost starved myself. I exercised for two hours in the morning and again after practice in the studio to lose weight.”

Eight bubble tomatoes and four quail eggs. This is an insufficient amount for an average adult woman to eat in a day. Continuing such a diet can seriously harm one’s health.

Many female idols have compromised their health in their rush to lose weight. Mamamoo’s Solar once revealed, “As a trainee, I took cleaning pills and ended up in the emergency room. I didn’t eat for several days, and I even did colon cleansing.” Fellow member Wheein mentioned that she fainted twice after taking appetite suppressants.

mamamoo Solar

Brave Girls’ Yoojung even saw her skin suffer due to dieting. She said, “I’ve tried all sorts of diets. I starved myself for dieting, but one day, I woke up, and my whole body was covered in bruises. I scratched myself while sleeping, and it was an allergic reaction caused by weakened immunity. The doctor told me, ‘You could die if you catch a cold here.’ Despite that, I couldn’t give up on dieting.”

If female idols appear even slightly bloated or gain a bit of weight, some netizens criticize them for not taking care of themselves. Some even go beyond criticism and leave malicious body-shaming comments. These idols have suffered due to the obsession with being skinny. Instead of blindly pursuing a skinny body, it’s important to strive for a “healthy body.”

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