K-netizens praise aespa’s live singing skills at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert

Videos of aespa’s performances at the recent Lotte Duty Free Family Concert spread online and received keen attention.

On June 16th, aespa presented a spectacular stage of various songs, including Spicy, Illusion, Black Mamba, etc., at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert. 

Immediately after then, fancams of their performances spread in online communities and netizens poured compliments on the members’ live singing skills.

Netizens on theqoo commented:

  • The girls did so well
  • As expected from aespa. Although they’re already good singers, their live singing skills even get better through every performanceㅋㅋ 
  • Wow their live stage is amazing
  • Winter looks soft, but how can her voice be that loud and powerful?ㅋㅋㅋ
  • aespa’s live performances are the best. The stage was so fun
  • After watching the clips here and some on Twitter, I think I was impressed by Karina and NingNing. The two did well
  • I was amazed by Winter’s voice
  • Wow, our ‘Jjang-seupa’ (aespa the best) did great. Karina sang exactly like the audio. All of them did amazing

Source: theqoo

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