K-netizens Discussed Whether Seunghan Will Eventually Leave RIIZE After Various Scandals

Most of them believe the withdrawal of Seunghan is unavoidable

On December 18, a post was made on the Korean online community Nate Pann with the title, “Seunghan will eventually leave.”

The post emphasized that the success of RIIZE is now considered the most important thing for SM 3.0, the new SM after Lee So-man.
However, RIIZE was at risk because of Seunghan’s taking-girlfriend-to-motel photos being leaked, which was considered a big scandal for a rookie group with a young and fresh image. “As they made some investments, SM let it slide,” said the post.

Seunghan’s scandals kept breaking out, like layers of onions, they seemed to have exceeded SM’s tolerance. SM announced the temporary suspension of the idol’s activities. “They acted as if he didn’t exist in the first place, immediately editing the content of the group’s comeback article to six members, and removing Seunghan from the group’s content.”

This is the reason why the writer of the post believed Seunghan will not earn a chance to comeback, which is also what fans of other members want. The post commented that the idol might as well take a few years off and then become a solo artist.

Original post: Nate Pann

In the comment sections, numerous netizens have come to express their opinions, most of which agree with the post. Some of the top comments are as follows,

“Society is cold-hearted… Is there any other rookie group that got girls-relating problems as soon as they debuted like RIIZE? This is different from crime-related scandals like Super Junior Kangin’s.”

“I don’t even know what other BRIIZEs (RIIZE’s fandom) they (Seunghan’s fans) are talking about. The only ones who want him to come back are them. Now BRIIZEs are supporting OT6.”

“Seunghan’s fans who try to post while waiting for his return are starting to feel worried that SM edited him out of the group’s content, deleted him from their Instagram, and even stopped selling his goods? Oh no. What you have to wait for is not the news of his return, but the news of his withdrawal.”

“Leave. After their year-end stages, the muggles (non-fans) don’t even know they used to have 7 members anyway.”

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