K-netizens Comment On Controversy Over aespa’s Karina Doing Alcohol CF While Under 24 Years Old

aespa’s Karina faces negative reactions over her new beer advertisement

A netizen shared in theqoo an article about Lotte Chilsung introducing aespa’s Karina (23 years old) as a model for their new product Krush, drawing attention.

According to the article, Lotte Chilsung’s selection of an idol popular among teenagers as a model for their new beer product is being criticized. Many people pointed out that this may encourage young people to consume alcohol.

Of course, it does not violate the law as the Youth Protection Act states that those aged 19 and older are allowed to advertise alcohol. 

In 2015, a law prohibiting celebrities under 24 from appearing in liquor-related CFs was proposed after the controversy over IU, who was 22 years old at that time, modeling for Chamisul soju. However, the law has been pending in the National Assembly for a long time. Although it’s still pending, the liquor industry has refrained from using idols under the age of 24 as models for fear of the negative effect on teenagers.

Lotte Chilsung explained that they selected Karina, who is currently famous among young people, to model for Krush because this new product targets the MZ generation.

Original post: theqoo

In response, other netizens commented:

– Many young people around that age drink alcohol. She was born in 2000, not even 2004 so what’s wrong?

– I don’t like alcohol CF, but I don’t understand why they need the standard of advertising models over 24 but not 20

Ahn Yu-jin and Karina are both models of Lotte Chilsung’s liquors. I remember there was a similar article when she (Ahn Yu-jin) was announced as a model

– What’s wrong… She’s already 24…

– Where did the ‘Over 24’ standard come from?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– I wonder what that standard is for. Are there any university students who don’t drink?

– Ahn Yu-jin was born in 2003 and she’s still modeling for Lemon Gin? They didn’t say anything when a 2003-born idol did that but now they are writing articles to criticize someone born in 2000?

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