Just because a habit has appeared since years ago, a few popular idol groups were suddenly thought of ‘imitating’ BTS

This article has become a hot topic in Korea, causing Big Hit to be criticized by netizens for using media play to compete with other groups.

The stories on the sidelines of the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards 2018 (MGA 2018) are still hotly discussed by netizens. Recently, an article from the Segye Ilbo news site about the awards ceremony has become a heated debate in the Korean online community, once again sparking fuss over the media play story between entertainment companies.

This article has generated a bit of controversy right from its title: “Mimicking BTS? Each idol group mentioned its fandom in its acceptance speech.” The entire article focused exclusively on the speeches of the groups at the MGA 2018 on November 6th, but it seems the reporters are intent on bashing some famous idol groups like TWICE, Wanna One, (G) I-DLE, … by claiming they are “following in the footsteps of BTS”.

A number of controversial statements appear in the article:

“Bangtan has never forgotten to mention their fans by shouting” We LOVE ARMY “and” Thank You ARMY “on Twitter or in their acceptance speeches.”
“The love that BTS has for the fans of the group seems to have influenced all the other artists and groups that day.”

TWICE also said in their acceptance speech: “First of all, I want to thank Park Jinyoung PD and the JYP family.” Next, she said, “I would like to give special thanks to our fans, ONCE, without the ONCE, there would certainly not be TWICE for today.”

“In his acceptance speech, Kang Daniel of Wanna One said,” Wannable, I really, really love you. And I also thank the parents of the 11 members. “
“The DAY6 band also received the award that day, and then they thanked” MyDay. “And the rookie girl group (I-DLE) also thanked” Neverland “.

Of course, this article has created an outrageous response from not only the fans of the groups mentioned but also from the Korean netizens. Everyone knows that it is a habit, a standard practice that has existed in Kpop for a long time. It’s to thank the fans for receiving such a noble award. Ever since idol culture started appearing in Korea, the early music groups like H.O.T sent their thanks to the fans in their acceptance speeches. Therefore, many people can not understand why such a strange article is widely distributed on the Internet.

And it’s the second most commented post on Naver

Even so, the top comment under this article has received over 10,000 votes, demonstrating how angry netizens are by what the reporter mentioned. Most of the comments below have criticized the writer for their claims of “falling from the sky” in the article:

-” The writer is ARMY, right?The relationship between an idol and the fandom is indivisible, but now idols thanking the fandom is also called imitation. If so then Bangtan also imitates the senior idols. Aren’t TWICE and Wanna One also famous for their love for the fans? “

-” Mimic BTS? “, these reporters are crazy, 20 years ago, HOT thanked their fans for the award, that is the basic rule. BTS’s seniors must feel uncomfortable reading this.”

“The craziest thing I ever heard in my life.”

Meanwhile, some netizens have also accused Big Hit Entertainment and thought that the company was using media play:

  • “Don’t know Big Hit can use such a trick. They are always like this, always trying to bring down the big companies.
  • “Media play should be limited to some extent.”
  • “Whenever Big Hit appeared in the newspaper, BIG 3 companies are always included, and they also refer to other artists in their articles. This company always makes people feel uncomfortable. These happened too many times already.”
  • “If you receive the award, then you have to thank the fans. They are being too much.”

In addition, many netizens also blamed the ARMY when some fans were said to have clarified regarding this article:

-“The ignorant journalist is obvious, but I am surprised that a few fans are supporting such an article.”

-“Thanks to the fans, Bangtan is getting more and more criticized.”

-“This fandom is really weird.”

What do you think about the reaction of Korean netizens regarding this article?

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