Lee Sun Hee’s embezzlement allegations broke out again, and the matter this time is also serious

Singer Lee Sun Hee was found to have paid for an apartment’s interior with the corporate money of One Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as One Enter).

TV Daily reported on June 8th, “We have confirmed that Lee Sun Hee privately misappropriated corporate funds.

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The media outlet quoted a real estate official and said, “Lee Sun Hee handled the interior cost of a redevelopment apartment located in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul with One Enter’s money. It is known that the repair cost was more than 10 million won.”

They continued, “This apartment was not used as Lee Sun Hee’s workroom or a practice room for aspiring singers. We hope the police will find out why the apartment repair cost was handled by company money.”

On May 25th, Lee Sun Hee was questioned by the police for allegedly embezzling One Enter’s funds. After being summoned to the National Police Agency’s Severe Crime Investigation Division and investigated for 12 hours, she is known to have largely denied the allegations.

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Meanwhile, according to Dispatch on May 26th, Hook Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Hook) signed a service contract to pay about 50 million won per month under the pretext of vocal training and consultancy fees to One Enter, a corporate body created by Lee Sun Hee. The amount of money One Enter received according to the account book is reported to be about 4.3 billion won.

What is interesting is that One Enter sent some of the money back to Hook’s CEO Kwon Jin Young. If the report is true, we cannot rule out the possibility that Lee Sun Hee and CEO Kwon cooperated economically.

It seems that the reason why the National Police Agency’s Severe Crime Investigation Division summoned and investigated Lee Sun Hee was to look into this part.

lee sun hee

According to Dispatch, Lee Sun Hee’s younger sister and Kwon Jin Young’s parents were registered as employees under One Entertainment. They received an average monthly salary of around 3 to 4 million won, and accumulated about 900 million won over 8 years. Lee Sun Hee’s younger sister received 350 million won, while Kwon Jin Young’s father and mother earned 280 million won and 240 million won, respectively. Lee Sun Hee provided Kwon Jin Young’s father with a retirement payment of about 30 million won. She also paid for two personal health insurance plans and one cancer insurance plan for Kwon Jin Young’s father using One Enter’s money.

Source: Wikitree

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