Jung So-min On Giving Up On Marriage “Maybe, Maybe Not”

Actress Jung So-min expressed her thoughts on marriage.

Jung So-min boldly once again confirmed the difficulty of marriage when talking about her new movie “30 Days.” 

I felt once again that it was not easy for different people to meet, admit, and accept,” she said. “It’s great that people can match,” showing respect for married people.

Asked if she had ever been encouraged to get married while acting as a couple with Kang Ha-neul, she then said, “When I imagined marriage, I thought it would be fun to order a late-night snack and chat together when the couple suited each other.” 

Jung So-min

The movie “30 days” will be released on October 3, the last day of the Chuseok holiday. Jung So-min plans to take care of her nephew after performing stage greetings ahead of the release.

However, the actress seemed to have no worries about holiday nagging such as “When are you getting married?” “(Marriage) made me give up early. I told everyone not to expect anything. Perhaps that’s why they don’t nag me about marriage.” She added, “The atmosphere of my family has brightened and warmed up thanks to the birth of my nephew,” saying she was relieved that her family members seemed to have turned their eyes to the baby.

Sources: daumn

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