Jung Hae In, the actor who almost got Park Bo Gum’s role in “Reply 1988”: dashing visuals, rumored to be dating BLACKPINK Jisoo

Despite not getting a major role, Jung Hae In still ended up appearing on “Reply 1988” as a different character.

As the 3rd and as of the moment, final installment of the “Reply” series, “Reply 1988” was a phenomenon when it aired, boasting brilliant storytelling and acting. The K-drama also introduced to the public a gang of talented young actors and actresses, including Park Bo Gum, who played the male lead Choi Taek. However, an interview in 2018 revealed that Park Bo Gum almost lost his role to another famous actor. 

In particular, it was revealed in a radio show that Jung Hae In was also a prime candidate to play Choi Taek.

Reply 1988
Jung Hae In almost became Choi Taek in “Reply 1988”

According to the show, Park Bo Gum and Jung Hae In were the final candidates for “Reply 1988”, but Jung Hae In ended up getting eliminated in the final audition. Still, the actor still got to appear in this legendary series, playing a classmate of the female lead Duk Sun (played by Hyeri). 

Jung Hae In
Jung Hae In played a minor role in “Reply 1988”

While this was rather unfortunate for Jung Hae In, it’s undeniable that Park Bo Gum was the perfect casting for Choi Taek. He greatly added to the charm of this character, and contributed to “Reply 1988”s massive reputation. 


On the other hand, Jung Hae In got his own opportunities later on. The actor rose to stardom via “One Spring Night”, before assuming a major role in the 2022 Baeksang’s Best Drama “D.P”. He also co-starred with BLACKPINK Jisoo in “Snowdrop”, and boasted such strong chemistry with his on-screen partner, that rumors of him and Jisoo dating started to spread across social media. 

Jung Hae In made a deep impression through D.P
Jung Hae In
And delivered a spectacular performance in “Snowdrop”
Jung Hae In
Jisoo and Jung Hae In are shipped together after working together in “Snowdrop”

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