Jo Yu Ri, “I did the ‘Squid Game 2’ audition long before receiving casting confirmation. It felt like a dream”

Singer & actress Jo Yu Ri expressed her feelings about appearing in “Squid Game 2”.

Jo Yu Ri guested on the August 17th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”.

When asked about how she felt when receiving the news of her casting for “Squid Game 2”, Jo Yu Ri said, “I did the audition a long time ago, so when I received the casting confirmation call, I was so happy that my tension suddenly increased and I felt like my memories have been deleted at that moment”, adding “It felt like a dream. I was that happy”.

jo yuri

Hearing that, Kim Shin Young agreed, saying she felt something similar when getting cast in the movie “Decision to Leave”. She shared, “I wondered if it was a dream or a hidden camera?”, adding “It only feels real to me after I participated in the filming and doing the VIP Premiere”.

jo yuri

In addition, Ki Shin Young also praised Jo Yu Ri as “the living witness of auditions” as she competed in various audition programs, such as Mnet’s “Produce 48” and “Idol School”. In response, Jo Yu Ri said, “I did many auditions”, adding “I tend to get nervous before the audition, but I feel more relaxed after going on the stage or going backstage (after finishing a performance)”.

Jo Yu Ri recently filmed a content video on the Youtube channel “Ggondaehee”. She shared, “I challenged many auditions, about twice a week, but failed them all except for one, which is ‘Squid Game 2’.”

Source: Daum

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