Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun, who recently sent their daughter to heaven, have gone to Jeju Island… The reason is very sad

Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun headed to Jeju Island to overcome the pain of their recent miscarriage.

On September 6th, Jin Tae-hyun revealed his recent status on Instagram, saying “My wife wants to go somewhere, so we’ve been in Jeju since last week”.

What made fans feel sad for the couple is that Jeju Island was also where Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun went on their last prenatal trip. 

To soothe fans’ worries, the actor said, “Don’t worry, we’re always together. Please tell me many beautiful and nice places so that I can take her there and make her smile.”

Earlier, Jin Tae-hyun revealed that the heart of his baby Tae-eun stopped beating for no reason 20 days before being born, breaking the hearts of many netizens. The actor set the black-and-white ultrasound photo of Tae-eun as his profile image and pinned the post in which he expressed his condolences to Tae-eun on top of his Instagram feed.

Park Si-eun also said on her SNS, “I and my husband decided to not give up. Keeping the hope that Tae-eun would come back to us, I’m going to recover my body and my mind slowly”

Since then, the couple has marked September 5th, which was scheduled as the date of Tae-eun’s birth, as a special day in their hearts. 

Jin Tae-hyun shared, “Mom and Dad loved you, we love you and will always remember you. We can still hear the heartbeats of our daughter everywhere, in the sky or in the wind, despite not being able to see her”, expressing his affection.

He also wrote a touching letter to Tae-eun, saying “I will match my footsteps with your heartbeats in my memory. Now I hope your heart won’t stop beating.”

Meanwhile, Park Si-eun married actor Jin Tae-hyun in 2015 and adopted a daughter, who was a college student they met at a nursery school in 2019.

Source: insight

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