Rapper Queen Wasabi unintentionally revealed her chest while performing… This was how she reacted

Rapper Queen Wasabi unintentionally exposed herself slightly during a stage.

The music festival ‘RAPBEAT 2022’ was successfully held at Seoul Land on the 4th. On this day, rappers Judith, Kid Millie, and Ash Island attended the festival and heated up the atmosphere.

In particular, it was Wasabi, the rapper Queen, who boasted a sexy physique, who took the stage with her overflowing energy. 

Queen Wasabi appeared wearing short pants with apple hips on top of the chest line to match the festive atmosphere.

Queen Wasabi, who rose as excited as the cheers of the audience, raised her arms high up in the sky and performed a dance that shook her chest. 

Then, Queen Wasabi noticed that her right breast was slightly exposed. She paused for a moment then trimmed her dress loosely.

Queen Wasabi, who’s normally cool, didn’t seem to be too embarrassed by the unexpected situation. 

After finishing the stage, Queen Wasabi reassured fans by posting on her Instagram account, “I’m a nipple patch. I really didn’t see you”

Meanwhile, Queen Wasabi recently had a high-level racy conversation with the cast of YouTube’s web entertainment show “Color Dripper.”

Queen Wasabi grabbed her ‘E-cup chest’ and drew attention by bragging to the male singer Holland, saying, “It’s very soft.”

Source: insight

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