Jin Seon-kyu “Hyun Bin didn’t close his eyes when bullets flew… I learned a lot from him”

Jin Seon-kyu said, “I learned a lot about action from Hyun Bin through ‘Confidential Assignment 2’.”

Jin Seon-kyu appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’s 2 O’Clock Date”, which aired on Sep 30th, to share stories behind his role as a villain in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International“.

When asked “What’s your personality like?”, Jin Seon-kyu replied, “I live without worries. I’ve been like this since I was young. My mother’s influence is great. My mother always told me to live modestly. Of course, people sometimes get angry. When that happens, I exercise. Then, when acting as a villain, I take out bad emotions and expand them.”

When asked how much action he practiced, he answered, “Actor Hyun Bin had more action scenes than me. His scenes’ degree of risk was also higher than mine. The rooftop action took about 10 days to shoot. I practiced hard.”

He added, “There were many roles that I played with resentment. However, Hyun Bin did action scenes very well. He didn’t even close his eyes when bullets flew. I learned a lot of advanced action from Hyun Bin this time.”

Source: nate

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