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Jessica’s Chinese singing drew criticism: wrong pronunciation, downgrade vocals

Jessica’s newest performance in “Sisters Who Make Waves” is at the center of attention 

After releasing its theme song MV, the Chinese show “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3 just dropped performance videos of its contestants. Among all of them, Jessica Jung became the talk of town with her performance of “Down in Sandbar” by Lala Hsu. While her video was less than 1 minute long, it attracted thousands of viewers and became a hot topic among netizens.  

Jessica’s performance in “Sister Who Make Waves” season 3.

However, the attention Jessica has been receiving wasn’t all positive, as viewers complained that the female idol’s singing ability and Chinese pronunciation were both poor. The former SNSD member had vocal techniques better suited for English songs, these people said. 

Jessica delivered a vocal performance of Lala Hsu’s “Down in Sandbar”. 

Still, there were a few netizens who defended Jessica, understanding that it’s hard to sing in another language. 

The former SNSD member received mixed reactions. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Chinese songs are really hard to sing. Since they are mostly emotional ballads, you must have a strong and resounding voice. Jessica’s unique vocal color just isn’t suited for these kinds of songs. It’s quite sad though, Jessica was such a powerful vocalist while in SNSD, but she probably was too busy with her company and had no time to practice. It’s already a miracle that her voice hasn’t regressed.
  • For some reasons… Only Chinese people can sing Chinese songs well, their delivery and emotions are always better. But similarly, Chinese people can’t really do well when it comes to English songs.
  • Singing in Chinese is hard as hell. Personally I feel English is the easiest to sing. Meanwhile, if you are not Chinese, Chinese songs feel like a major challenge. This happens to everyone, not just Jessica. 
  • Her vocals were so nice… it was just unsuitable for Chinese songs.
  • Unique voice that does have technique. But Jessica’s better off singing pop songs in a girl group rather than a whole solo ballad. Her voice here is as emotive as a brick. 
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