Jessi confirms comeback with new album in October

Singer Jessi will meet music fans with a new album

According to Ilgan Sports on Oct 3rd, Jessi is currently in the final stages of preparation with the goal of releasing her new album at the end of this month. It is known that Jessi is making final adjustments.

Jessi, who had been with Psy’s agency P Nation since 2019, left P Nation last year without renewing her contract. Rumors of a discord between Jessi and Psy were raised, but Jessi appeared as a guest at Psy’s solo concert “Summer Swag 2023” last July and put an end to the rumors by saying, “I love P Nation. I love Psy.


After leaving P Nation, Jessi joined More Vision, a company founded by Jay Park. Jessi’s upcoming album will be her first work under More Vision, raising expectations from fans. Jessi, known for her powerful rap and charisma through songs like “What Type of X” and “Zoom”, is expected to delight listeners once again with her new music.

Jessi debuted as a guest member of the group Uptown in 2005. She gained widespread popularity through Mnet’s survival program “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015. Despite not being fluent in Korean, Jessi is loved by the public for her somewhat quirky yet cool personality, making her a popular figure in variety shows as well.

Source: Daum

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