More than just close friends, Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo even surprisingly have family ties

Netizens are astounded to discover Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won’s family ties.

Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo are two prominent names among the most popular single actors at the moment in Korean showbiz.  Not only being recognized for their acting talent, the two also conquered millions of female viewers with their extremely attractive and handsome looks.  In real life, Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo are close friends, but few people know that they have family ties.

kang dong won gong yoo
The show “Furnace” mentioned the relationship between Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo.

In an interview conducted in 2007, Kang Dong Won once revealed about his special relationship with Gong Yoo.  Accordingly, in the past, the two’s grandfathers were close friends when they were young, so they decided to let their children get married to make their relationship stronger.  Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo, respectively, are the grandchildren of the two sides, so they are automatically linked by the family relationship, becoming distant relatives of each other.  Although they are not related by blood, the public still finds this information interesting.

kang dong won gong yoo
Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo met at a family party in 2004. This was also the time when they knew they were related.

Gong Yoo has also mentioned the familial ties in the past. On the day that Kang Dong Won enlisted in the military, Gong Yoo was holding an interview for his movie “Finding Mr. Destiny.” During the event, the actor stated, “He called me recently to tell me that he’s enlisting. I didn’t know the specific date, so I had no idea he was enlisting today. I feel bad that I didn’t buy him a meal before he left.” 

kang dong won gong yoo

Kang Dong Won is known as the “living saint” in Korea because he is not only handsome but also talented and full of virtue. He has never been involved in any scandals in his more than ten years of working in the entertainment industry. He is a quiet man who has risen by his own efforts rather than relying on the fame and fortune of his chaebol family. Kang Dong Won has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University as well. The actor’s IQ of 137 points adds to his allure.


During his acting career, Kang Dong Won has never publicly dated anyone.  Recently, he was rumored to be dating actress Han Hyo Joo after the two co-starred in the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade.  The couple was caught secretly hanging out in the US, but both sides denied the rumor.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo attracts attention with hit TV series such as Hello Teacher, Prince Coffee Shop, Big … and most recently the blockbuster Goblin. The actor made a lasting impression in the movie industry with the blockbuster “Train to Busan.” Although there are no plans to return, Gong Yoo’s charm and reputation have so far remained unblemished.

Gong-Yoo Train to busan

Gong Yoo has a handsome manly charm that is irresistible. Gong Yoo, like his best friend, is a private person when it comes to love affairs. People occasionally whisper about his dating rumors, but they are all denied. Gong Yoo, who is now 40 years old, is still one of the sexiest single men in Korean showbiz.

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