Jeongyeon at TWICE concert: touched by a surprise gift from fans, cute interaction with fans after dropping her mic

TWICE members and fans are all happy with Jeongyeon returning and performing at concerts.

TWICE is attracting the attention of not only fans but also netizens with their concert tour TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ in North America. This event has become more special with the return of Jeongyeon, who was absent from many recent group schedules to receive health treatments. There have been many cute interactions between Jeongyeon and fans at the concerts.

Jeongyeon at TWICE concert
Jeongyeon’s appearance at the concert with TWICE is the most meaningful thing to fans

Jeongyeon received many compliments for her effort in dieting and overcoming the panic disorder in order to perform at the concert. While the girl group was preparing to end the communication section, an action from fans made Momo and Jeongyeon smile happily and proudly. In particular, fans made a banner with the message “We love Jeongyeon” as a present for Jeongyeon.

Jeongyeon at TWICE concert
Banner from fans saying “We love Jeongyeon” caught the attention of Momo and Jeongyeon

Besides, Jeongyeon and fans also had many interesting interactions at the concert stage. While interacting with fans, Jeongyeon noticed the confetti and decided to play with it. After collecting them in a big pile, Jeongyeon threw confetti into the sky. But she forgot that she still had the mic in her hand, and the mic fell freely to the ground. After this incident, she even whispered to her fans, asking them to keep it a secret in a cute way.

Jeongyeon (TWICE) throws the mic, surprising fans
Jeongyeon at TWICE concert
Jeongyeon threw the confetti into the sky and dropped the mic in her hand
Jeongyeon at TWICE concert
Jeongyeon then signaled to fans to ask them to keep this humorous act a secret

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