After virtual idols, Korea is introducing virtual actors as well

Newly broadcasted K-drama “Bad Girlfriend” has become the talk of town after the appearance of an AI actress. 

Recently, Dexter Studios – a visual special effects company, has started running a virtual human business through a web drama they produced. Specifically, a virtual human named Min Ji Oh, who appeared in the drama “Bad Girlfriend”, is created through artificial intelligence. This AI is shown with soft features and monolid eyes, and played a part-timer with ambitions and dreams of becoming an actress. 

After this project, many other virtual human projects are expected to be commenced in the near future. Many more virtual actors are anticipated to take over airtime on broadcast shows, and later will extend past online platforms. “Min Ji Oh is similar to every normal teenager, she is a mature character who succeeds by hard work”, the company’s representative said. With the advance of AI, people in the industry believed that “virtual humans” will soon act alongside “real humans”.

Apart from Min Ji Oh, many other “virtual humans” are stepping into acting in TV shows. In February last year, virtual human “Rosie”, created by Sidus Studio X, made her guest appearance in television drama “Director Park”. In April 2022, the virtua human “Jane” of Pulse Nine took up a supporting role in web drama “Hello Share”. More recently, Lotte Home Shopping announced their exclusive contract between their virtual model “Lucy” and content production company Green Snake Media, signaling a new television show, scheduled to be broadcasted in the second half of this year.  

Lizzie Yeo

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