The first time G-Dragon appeared after many years was on Jennie’s livestream, fans thought that the leader of BIGBANG would collab with BLACKPINK, but it turns out to be the dating hint of 2 idols.

Jennie’s livestream nearly a year ago suddenly attracted attention after dating rumors between Jennie and G-Dragon appeared.

On February 24, the public was shocked when Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jennie have been dating for about a year.  Accordingly, the relationship of the leader of BIGBANG and the BLACKPINK member is known by everyone in YG Entertainment, the managers also support them.

G-Dragon Jennie livestream

When the news broke out, many people immediately remembered the time Jennie livestreamed at midnight in May 2020.  Although there are BLACKPINK members, everyone was surprised to see G-Dragon’s appearance.  This was also the male idol’s first appearance in a long time, so fans were extremely excited at that time

G-Dragon Jennie livestream

During the livestream, Jennie opened the Jentlemonster collection box designed by herself.  G-Dragon even wore the female idol’s glasses.  At that time, fans just thought they had such a close friendship that the leader of BIGBANG visited her juniors and supported Jennie at midnight.  Because Jennie livestreamed in the studio, many people doubted that he would participate in BLACKPINK’s comeback, such as composing song or contributing voice in some tracks.

G-Dragon Jennie livestream

Nearly a year later, dating rumors between them suddenly broke out, causing people to shock.  Although YG responded that it is difficult to verify this information because it is a private matter of the artists, but if they are really dating, it is likely that G-Dragon appeared at last year’s livestream to support his girlfriend.

Sources: kenh14

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