The impressive educational background of the foreign actor in “Squid Game” surprised everyone

The educational background of actor Anupam Tripathi, who left the viewers with a good impression on Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game”, has been revealed.

After “Squid Game” was released on September 17, it has gained explosive popularity around the world. Therefore, the viewers have been searching for information about “Squid Game” actors, such as Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Heo Sung Tae, etc.

Among them, there is a foreign actor who caught the attention of netizens. His name is Anupam Tripathi, and he played the role of Ali in “Squid Game”.


He drew attention by portraying his character perfectly and speaking Korean movie lines naturally. In addition, his outstanding acting skills also helped him complete his role excellently.

Anupam’s acting skills came from his experience as he used to be a singer and actor when he was still in India.

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In fact, Anupam Tripathi is attending the Korea National University of Arts. In 2010, he applied for a scholarship program for foreigners and entered this school.

Then, he came to Korea and studied Korean. When he was in his 3rd year, he started his career as an actor in Korea.

Anupam has a really impressive filmography as he starred in many famous movies, such as “Ode to My Family”, “Miss&Mrs.Cops”, “Luck-key”, “Asura: City of Madness”, “The Phone”, and “Space Sweepers”.

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Netizens were surprised by his unexpected educational background. A netizen left comments to support him, saying, “It must have been not easy for a foreigner to attend a Korean Art School. I really respect him. I hope he will be more successful in the future.”

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