Jennie’s Heartwarming Interaction with Fans at the Airport

Jennie’s (BLACKPINK) expressions in this video quickly became a topic of discussion and were widely shared by netizens

Jennie (BLACKPINK) is an idol adored by many, but she has also faced criticism for allegedly disregarding her fans by being lazy in her concert performances. Does Jennie truly look down on her fans as these accusations suggest?

Recently, a video capturing Jennie’s interaction with fans before boarding a flight to Paris, France, has gone viral on social media. In the video, the idol born in 1996 warmly greeted and chatted with fans, displaying numerous adorable expressions that melted the hearts of her fans. This video serves as evidence to dispel accusations of Jennie being dismissive of her fans, which had spread across social media.

The video showing Jennie chatting with fans before boarding quickly became a trending topic on social media.

Jennie cheerfully greeted fans as soon as she met them. She engaged in a friendly conversation, waving and bowing to everyone present. It’s evident that the idol was genuinely happy to meet her fans, and there was no sign of her being aloof, arrogant, or dismissive.

jennie blackpink
Jennie’s adorable eye-smile expression.
jennie blackpink
Jennie bid farewell once more before departing. Her friendliness and amiability received many praises from netizens.
jennie crazy horse
Jennie departed for France on September 30th to attend Paris Fashion Week. Upon landing, she immediately went to the Crazy Horse cabaret to support Lisa’s performance. This action by Jennie sparked mixed opinions but demonstrated the close-knit bond among BLACKPINK members, who support each other like a family.
jennie blackpink
On October 3rd, Jennie became the focal point of Chanel’s fashion show. True to her status as a leading fashion icon in K-pop, Jennie effortlessly rocked the outfit.
jennie blackpink
Her enchanting yet endearing beauty quickly caused a stir on social media.
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