Jennie went to L.A for personal matters but immediately got photographed by paparazzi… Netizens were surprised by her fashion

BLACKPINK Jennie’s recent status in the United States is attracting attention.

Dizzy (Miles Diggs), a celebrity street-style photographer in the U.S., posted a photo of Jennie on her Instagram on the 15th.

In this photo, Jennie was captured walking down Melrose Street in Los Angeles, USA. Jennie is wearing a baggy T-shirt and cargo pants, showing off her fashionista-like side.


Her orange hair and ‘hip’ fashion go well together, drawing admiration from netizens. Some say that it reminds them of hip-hop fashion that was popular in the past, and there are opinions that it reminds them of Lee Hyori.

In particular, theqoo users said , “Does fashion come and go every 20 years?”, “For those who don’t know the 1990s, it just feels like the ordinary and sophisticated fashion of the 20s. ”, “It’s amazing how fashion goes around”, “Is cargo pants fashionable again in the world?”, “Do I have to buy cargo pants again? It’s pretty,” etc 

Next to Jennie is Chahee from the group Melody Day. The two are from the same middle school and have been close friends ever since. Cha-hee is also attracting attention with a unique style.

blackpink jennie

Jennie flew to Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport via Incheon International Airport on the 11th. At that time, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who had left LA for their honeymoon, were also on the same flight with the member of BLACKPINK.

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