Uncovering the price of Son Ye Jin’s high-end clothes in Thirty Nine, even the pajamas are luxurious

Son Ye Jin’s outfits in Thirty Nine are all pricey, making her character stand out of the three female leads.

In the drama marking the end of her single life, Thirty Nine, Son Ye Jin plays a beautiful and luxurious female doctor. She’s still a rich person with a huge property in her hand, but unlike in Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin‘s image this time is somewhat more mature and simple. Of course, when she plays the role of Mi Jo, she is still a brand lover when wearing all the expensive clothes and accessories.

In general, the outfits that Son Ye Jin chooses for Mi Jo all have simple designs and colors. This makes her successfully build a Mi Jo who is professional and serious at work with the mature and powerful image of a boss but very rebellious when it comes to her love life. And most of all, these outfits help her to completely accentuate her figure, becoming the most beautiful and outstanding lady in the 39-year-old group.

thirty nine

Thirty Nine airs every Wednesday and Thursday night on jTBC.

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