Jennie of BLACKPINK reveals facial injury upon return to Korea from Malaysia tour

Jennie showed a facial injury on her way back to Korea.

On the morning of the 5th, the group BLACKPINK completed their “BORN PINK” Malaysia world tour schedule and returned to Korea via a chartered plane at the Kimpo International Business Center in Banghwa-dong, Seoul.

blackpink jennie airport

As Jennie returned home, a bandage could be seen under her right eye through her sunglasses. On the 3rd, she revealed on the fan community website Weverse,I’m writing this post first because I don’t want BLINKs to worry unnecessarily. While taking a break, I was taking care of my health and eating and sleeping well. However, I got a little injured on my face because I stumbled and fell while exercising.”

During the departure from Korea, Jennie had only shown the left side of her face to reporters as she got out of the car and entered the airport, not revealing her injury. However, on her return, she showed her injury to the reporters by exposing the right side of her face as she exited the airport and boarded her transportation.

blackpink jennie airport
blackpink jennie airport
Bandage applied to the wound under the right eye.
blackpink jennie airport
The wound on the right side, which was not seen when she left the country on the 3rd, was revealed when she returned home.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK returned to Korea after finishing their Malaysia world tour. Jennie will leave for overseas schedule again in six days after returning home for just a day.

Source: Naver

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