Jang Won Young continues to be the spotlight in “I AM” M/V, Liz gets more opportunity to show off her vocal ability 

IVE continues making storm with the music video for the title track “I AM”.

On April 10th, IVE made a comeback with a new album “I’VE IVE”, along with the music video for the title track “I AM.” The song quickly gained much attention with catchy melody and an inspiring message about confidence. IVE has made entries into digital charts with high rankings. 

However, attention is being paid to the line distribution among members. Since debut, statistics has shown that Jang Won Young and Ahn Yujin are two members with the most lines. However, there is a shift in IVE’s recent comeback.


Line distribution ranking in IVE’s “I AM” 

Accordingly, “I AM” presented better chance for the members to have an equal share of spotlight. From the chart alone, Liz got the most line as the main vocalist of the group, and took on challenging parts of the song, such as the demanding high notes. Liz is followed by Ahn Yujin and Gaeul, with 21.4 and 20.5 seconds of lines, respectively, in “I AM.” 


In compensation for Won Young’s fewer lines, the idol got more screentime to flaunt her visual, which is followed by Yujin. Won Young was also in charge of the thrilling and most memorable plane-jumping scene in the music video. 


Jang Won Young boasted a classy image in the music video 


The idol performed the most exhilarating scene 

Ahn Yujin took the center during choreography scenes, and received more individual screentime toward the end. In contrast, with more lines, Liz appeared less during the music video. Yet, Liz managed to strike a strong impression on the audience with an alluring charm. 


Yujin was the center during choreography scenes 


Ahn Yujin showed off her charisma in the music video 


Liz’s appearance in the music video 

With this comeback, fans are happy to see new changes in the line distribution among and screentime of the members. More members got their chance to shine individually while maintaining an overall attractive performance of the group. 

Source: K14

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