Jang Hyunseung says he made more money when he was active in BEAST, but he’s happier now

Former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung revealed that he is happier now than he was during his promotions as an idol. 

On March 5, Jang Hyunseung appeared on the youtube channel Gao Gai.

Jang Hyunseung, who recently joined Mine Field, a hip-hop musician label led by rapper Swings, was asked about his happiness index during his days working as a member of BEAST and a soloist. 

Jang Hyunseung said, “To be honest, my happiness index is higher now. I think it’s simply good to be able to do music a little more individually.” 

When the channel’s host said, “Your happiness index is higher now, but you earned more money back then,” Jang Hyunseung affirmed, “Of course. That’s true.”

In response to the question, “Why did you decide to work with Swings when you were from a famous idol group and there must have been many opportunities and offers?” Jang Hyunseung replied, “I first contacted Swings via text message. I felt that he was a cool person. I decided to follow my heart.”


Meanwhile, Jang Hyunseung picked Black Nut as the artist he wants to collaborate with.

Regarding his unexpected choice, Swings said, “I wrote the lyrics in the most open way this time. It’s on the same level as Black Nut. Black Nut likes to cause chaos in the world.”

Jang Hyunseung also drew attention by implying that he once dated a celebrity before by saying, “When an advertisement came out while we were watching together is the moment I wanted to brag about my lover.” 

Source: Nate

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