Jae-jae is shocked by IVE’s story: “These days, idol trainees even have to take ‘this’ class”

IVE confessed to taking selfie and TikTok classes when they were trainees.

On April 14th, an episode of “MMTG” hosted by Jae-jae in which IVE appeared was uploaded on the YouTube channel “MMTG”.


In the video that day, Jae-jae admired IVE members’ winking and such. IVE‘s youngest member Leeseo then introduced, “When you come to Starship (IVE’s agency), there is this curriculum.”

Jae-jae praised Leeseo as having a visual that can pass any interview and asked, “You look so bright, you seem very good at answering interviews,” and “What curriculums did you guys take to be this bright?”

When IVE Ga-eul replied, “We took selfie class as our first class,” Jae-jae exclaimed, “You guys have a selfie class? “Really? This is not a lie?”


IVE Yoo-jin recalled, “I take really bad selfies (in the past), so I took two selfies every day for the teachers to check. It was my mission of the day.”

The IVE members then announced that they had a TikTok class for short-form content in the second period. The PDs who were filming the episode and Jae Jae, even Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-jin of the same group, also showed their surprise.

Regarding the TikTok class, IVE Rei said, “You have to take a TikTok and get rated with it. If you take the video by yourself at home and send it, you will receive feedback such as ‘Let’s do this expression for this part.’ You have to put in the effect yourself. I practice editing hearts, glitters and other things myself,” she explained.

IVE Ga-eul added, “That’s how Leeseo was born.”


After hearing about this face, netizens showed their reactions, such as “The 4th generation idols are busy. They even take TikTok and selfie classes”, “Wow, their facial expressions weren’t good for nothing”, “I was surprised that they were more professional than I thought.”

Girl group IVE performed their new song at the showcase commemorating the release of their second single ‘LOVE DIVE’ held at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of April 5th. This album contains two songs including the title songs ‘LOVE DIVE’ and ‘Royal’.

Meanwhile, IVE made a comeback with their second single ‘LOVE DIVE’ on April 5th. With this comeback, they have won 2 trophies at SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’ and MBC M’s ‘Show! Champion’.

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