IU’s fanclub UAENA shows enthusiastic support for IU and Lee Jong Suk’s romance

As singer IU confirmed her romantic relationship with actor Lee Jong Suk, her fans also welcomed this as good news.

After IU and Lee Jong Suk both confirmed the dating news on December 31st, fans on IU’s official fanclub UAENA Online Cafe also poured out supportive messages for the couple.

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Many UAENAs were surprised by the sudden dating news of IU and Lee Jong Suk but they still cheered for the two. 

One UAENA commented, “I didn’t expect dating news would be the main focus of UAENA Cafe in this new year”, adding “I hope our IU and actor Lee Jong Suk are always happy”.

Another fan said, “I feel really normal and happy with this news”, adding “Both are in their 30s and they love each other. I hope IU enjoys her work and love in the new year. I’m always rooting for her.”

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A UAENA added, “I’m okay as long as IU unnie is happy. I hope she’ll always be happy”.

In addition, the bulletin board is currently full of supportive messages from fans, such as “Unnie, please be happy”, “I hope you’ll always be happy. But is Lee Jong Suk good at fighting?”, “If this decision makes you feel happy, I support it no matter what”, “I’ve noticed that she was in love ever since the release of ‘strawberry moon’. Please be happy”, “She met a good person and formed a lovely relationship. Congratulations”, etc.

Members of UAENA also cheered for IU when she admitted to dating her previous partner, singer Jang Ki Ha.

IU also received the support of fans by directly uploading her feelings on the fancafe at the time in October 2015, right after she acknowledged her devotion.

Attention is also focusing on whether IU, who acknowledged her relationship with Lee Jong Suk, will leave a message confessing her feelings to fans again.

Both IU and Lee Jong Suk confirmed their relationship on December 31st.

In particular, IU’s agency, Edam Entertainment, said on the same day, “IU has recently developed into lovers with Lee Jong Suk, who is a close colleague of hers, and has since maintained a serious relationship.” She also added, “I hope fans will look at the meeting between the two with a warm gaze.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk’s agency, HighZium Studio, also said, “Recently, IU and Lee Jong Suk have grown from friends to lovers and have been dating seriously. We ask for your support so that they can continue our beautiful love.”

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IU and Lee Jong Suk reportedly started dating about 4 months ago, and it is said that the families of both sides have also acknowledged their devotion. According to articles, IU and Lee Jong Suk enjoyed dating while spending the Christmas holiday together during Lee Jong Suk’s Japanese fan meeting schedule.

Source: Nate

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