Lee Jong Suk “I was annoyed by IU”… Develop into lovers 10 years later

Actor Lee Jong Suk and singer-actress IU became the last star couple born in 2022.

On Dec 31st, Lee Jong Suk‘s agency HighZium Studio made an official position, saying, “Actor Lee Jong Suk has recently developed from a close colleague relationship into a romantic relationship with IU. The two are continuing to seriously meet each other. Please give them a lot of support so that they can continue their beautiful love.

IU’s agency also confirmed that she is dating Lee Jong Suk. An official from EDAM Entertainment stated, “IU and Lee Jong Suk have been colleagues for a long time and they recently developed into lovers. We hope the public supports them.

Earlier, Lee Jong Suk mentioned IU as “that friend” after winning “Grand Prize (Daesang)” at the “2022 MBC Drama Awards” held on Dec 30th. During his acceptance speech, Lee Jong Suk said, “Thank you for always being so cool like that. I want to say that I’ve liked you for a very long time and I respect you a lot. Every time I look at that friend, I always think, ‘I should have worked harder, and been a better person.’ I reflected a lot on my past days. I will try to improve myself in the future.

Lee jong suk IU

The two became close after hosting SBS’ “Inkigayo” together in the past. When appearing on SBS’ entertainment program “Hwasin: Controller of the Heart” in June 2013, Lee Jong Suk shared, “We didn’t say a single word to each other in the ‘Inkigayo’ waiting room. IU said that we had to be different from other music shows and that we should dress up in costumes. We dressed up as Leon, Matilda… I was kind of annoyed. Everyone loved IU because she’s a cute ‘Nation’s Little Sister’, but I didn’t like her.

When asked about his relationship with IU, Lee Jong Suk replied, “When I contacted her, she said, ‘Why did you do that back then? I know you’re having a hard time.’ We told each other about the things that upset each other. She’s one of my few friends now.

Source: Nate

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