Lee Jong Suk considers IU as a “close acquaintance” after 1 years of knowing each other 

From colleagues to romantic partners, the relationship between Lee Jong Suk and IU spans across 10 years. 

On the last day of 2022, Dispatch released a series of photo evidence of Lee Jong Suk and IU’s relationship.  According to the news, the couple has been together for 4 months. Later, Lee Jong Suk’s agency confirmed they are in a “serious relationship” that developed from “close acquaintances” to romantic partners. 

Lee Jong Suk and IU knew each other from 2012 when they were co-hosts for Inkigayo music shows and quickly became close friends. One year later, in a promotional activity for “I Can Hear Your Voice,” the actor said that IU was one of his close female co-workers. 

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Lee Jong Suk revealed IU to be one of his close friends 
lee-jong-suk iu
IU has been a person of importance to Lee Jong Suk 
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The first program where they worked together 

In one of his talks on MBC, actor Lee said it was his girlfriend that helped him through the difficult times after completing his military service. He felt he needed to be more mature and be a better version of himself because of her. 

Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type also changed after his time in the military. Before the military, Lee Jong Suk expressed his ideal girlfriend to be “tall and slender”. However, after his discharge, Lee Jong Suk wanted to date “smart, determined and cute” women. 

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Born in 1989, actor Lee believed it was normal to get married at this age and adored those who have settled down. In an interview with ELLE Korea, he expressed his wishes to take “husband classes” to “learn how to cook or how to give good massages to “create a happy family in the future.” 

Image: Chosun TV

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