IU Prepares Chuseok Gifts for 100 People+Other Kind Acts

Singer and actress IU’s kindness warms the hearts of Internet users. This is because she is always taking care of her surroundings

On September 30th, Park Myung-soo shared on his radio show, “My beloved junior IU sent me beef ribs as a Chuseok gift.” Turns out he’s been receiving holiday gifts from her for eight years.  Park Myung-soo said, “In fact, I heard she sent gifts to about 100 people.”

IU is a star who gets busy sending gifts during the holidays. As Park Myung-soo mentioned, it is likely that the number of gifts she sent out exceeded 100. In particular, the singer has various personal connections as she has been active in various genres. 


Earlier, actress Seo Yi-sook shared on her Instagram photos of a holiday gift set sent by IU. She said that IU sent her gifts every year during holidays such as Chuseok and Lunar New Year, adding, “I’m always touched by her care.” The two knew each other as they both starred in the tvN drama “Hotel Del Luna,” which aired in 2019. 

Not just actors, IU also sent a surprise gift to singer Noh Sa-yeon, who is a senior artist in the music industry. In the past, Noh Sa-yeon appeared on JTBC’s variety show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” and confirmed that her refrigerator was a gift from IU, which she adored.


IU gifted not only her seniors but also her juniors. On a recent video of YouTube channel “W Korea,” Yeji appeared with a bag gifted to her by IU. The idol recently came to IU’s concert as a guest, so IU thanked her for coming and gave all the members a suitable bag.Yeji then said, “I don’t carry a lot because it was a bag that I loved so much. I especially brought it with me today,” expressing her gratitude. 

IU also showed off her special friendship with actor Yeo Jin-gu, her co-star in the drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’. In the past, Yeo Jin-gu also told a heartwarming story about IU. 

Source: naver

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