Results of The Fact Music Awards 2020

The awards ceremony The Fact Music Awards 2020 announced the winners of a series of awards and the results are not unpredictable.

On 12/12, The Fact Music Awards 2020 (TMA 2020) officially took place.  However, like other events, the ceremony must also be held online, with no audience due to the epidemic.  Although it is only the second year, TMA brings together many famous artists such as BTS, TWICE, ITZY, MAMAMOO, Kang Daniel, IZ * ONE, Super Junior, TXT, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, …

The Fact Music Awards 20201

TMA 2020 award ceremony only awarded 1 Daesang.  It’s no surprise that BTS is the owner of this award thanks to a series of outstanding achievements such as setting a sales record with the album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, being at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with 2 songs Dynamite and  Life Goes On nominated at the prestigious Grammy Awards.  The 7 boys also won 3 other titles: Artist of the Year, Global Icon, and Listener’s Choice.

The Fact Music Awards 20201

However, like the 2019 ceremony, TMA 2020 confuses viewers with the Artists Of The Year award.  At other awards ceremonies, this title is in the Daesang system, but at TMA the Artist of the Year is equivalent to the Bonsang Award and is awarded to 11 singers and groups.

The Fact Music Awards 20201

In addition, instead of calling the award for new artists Rookie of the Year like many other awards ceremonies, TMA 2020 named this title as Next Leader.  Weeekly, CRAVITY, and ENHYPEN are the 3 winning groups.  ITZY and TXT – 2 representatives who were previously named the Next Leaders gave the awards to their juniors.

The Fact Music Awards 20201
The Fact Music Awards 20201
The Fact Music Awards 20201

Notably, this is the first award for rookie ENHYPEN from Big Hit’s survival show even though they debuted for 12 days.  Meanwhile, TREASURE – a new boy group from YG did not attend and was also empty-handed at this year’s ceremony despite their great achievements.  Similarly, their senior group, BLACKPINK, did not win in any category.

The Fact Music Awards 20201
The Fact Music Awards 20201

Summary of awards at TMA 2020

 Bonsang Artist of the Year (Year’s Artist): MAMAMOO, Hwasa, Kang Daniel, BTS, GOT7, TWICE, NU’EST, IZ*ONE, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, Super Junior

 TMA Popularity Award: Super Junior

Next Leader:  Weeekly, CRAVITY, ENHYPEN

Global Hottest: Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, The Boyz, ATEEZ

Best Performer: ITZY, TXT, Jessi

Worldwide Icon: SEVENTEEN, BTS

Fan N Star: Super Junior, Hwang Chi Yeol

Fan N Star Trot Popularity: Lim Young Woong

Listener’s Choice: BTS

Daesang: BTS


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