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IVE’s Jang Won-young, Cannes Best Actress? “I developed the habit of stealing after playing the role of a robber” (Knowing Bros)

Jang Won-young drew laughter with her acceptance speech while immersing herself in the skit on “Knowing Bros”.

Girl group IVE appeared as a guest on JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on August 27th.

On the broadcast, IVE and the cast members of “Knowing Bros” carried out the quiz program IVE Brain Survival. Not knowing each other’s jobs in the skit, MC Shin Dong introduced them one after another. After getting to know each other, they began to perform the skit according to the information. 

Shin Dong said, “She came back to Korea for the first time after a while. A Hollywood star. She’s a ‘10-million movie’ actress”, introducing Jang Won-young. 

Jang Won-young then delivered her acceptance speech for Best Actress, which she couldn’t say at the Cannes Film Festival because she was nervous. She said, “It’s such an honor for me. I miss my family in Korea so much”, adding “I did an action movie this time. I’m very grateful to my stunt woman who worked very hard”. Upon hearing this, Kim Hee-chul responded, “She’s so shameless”. Ahn Yu-jin reacted, “So scary”, drawing laughter.


Jang Won-young continued, “I used to play the role of a beautiful robber and developed the habit of stealing. Please check if your things are missing. Please understand that stealing has become my habit”, adding “I will come back with different acting performances”, making everyone laugh as she finished her acceptance speech.

Ahn Yu-jin was introduced as “the next-generation National MC”. She said, “I’ve been an MC for about 30 years but no one got that title”. Lee Soo-geun commented, “Aren’t you too rude to be a National MC? You remind me of Kang Ho-dong”.

Ahn Yu-jin then revealed “being bold and flexible” as her philosophy in doing entertainment programs. “Even if you can’t think of an ad-lib, you have to act naturally”, she said and impressed everyone as she continued the skit with a lot of ad-libs.

Leeseo was then introduced as the “Best CF star”. Rei was a solo diva while Ga-eul was said to be “the No.1 in the agricultural world”. Lastly, Liz’s character was revealed to be the youngest governor of Jeju Island. Kim Hee-chul smiled and said, “Liz’s face got brighter as soon as she heard her job”

Source: Daum

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