IU failed her first K-pop challenge? Fans are delighted to see her cute escape while doing the dance

IU made everyone laugh with her cute attempt at doing a K-pop challenge.

Singer IU released a video on Dec 5th with a caption saying, “I failed my first K-pop challenge.”

In the released video, IU began to dance to the new song “WHEN I MOVE” by KARA, a 2nd-generation girl group who recently made their comeback as a whole team. However, after a short while, IU stopped dancing and adorably ran out of the camera frame with a sigh, drawing laughter.


IU has had time to learn the choreography from the members of KARA, who appeared as guests on her YouTube channel. IU’s cute mistake as she tried to keep her promise of doing the dance challenge delighted fans.

IU also released another video where she perfectly succeeded in the challenge with her smooth dance skills, saying, “After 20 failures, I succeeded in the 21st take (?).”

iu thumbnail

Meanwhile, after her successful movie debut as So Young in the movie “Broker,” IU is set to appear in director Lee Byung Hun’s new film “Dream (tentative title).”

Source: Herald Pop

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