IU brought gifts for fans waiting for her at the airport, showered in praise for sweet fan-service

Idol-actress IU, who just got back from Japan, gave out souvenirs to fans she met at the airport

On June 27th, IU arrived at Incheon International Airport after finishing her promotions for the movie “Broker” in Japan. 

Immediately after the idol-actress’s arrival, fans of IU started to post photos on Twitter with captions like “I received gifts and sweets from IU.” 

In addition, on the way home from the airport, IU lowered the car window to say hello to fans that bidded her goodbye. 

IU is famous for buying sweets abroad for her fans who wait for her whenever she returns home from overseas schedules. She’d give fans chocolate, cookies, or candies from the countries she departed from. 


Previously on June 30th, IU also distributed snacks to her fans, after returning to Korea from the Cannes International Film Festival, which was held in the city of Cannes, France. 

Source: Wikitree

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