ITZY’s Yeji and Yuna’s Impressive Stage Incident Handling Takes Internet by Storm

The video capturing the moment of the two idols handling the incident has gained significant attention from the online community.

Recently, ITZY had a performance at Suwon University in South Korea. Notably, during the performance, due to her high energy, Yeji accidentally dropped the microphone. However, the female idol remained professional and continued performing as if nothing had happened. Nevertheless, the moment when Yuna came to help Yeji and picked up the mic has left fans captivated, causing them to watch it over and over again.

During Yeji’s performance, she accidentally dropped the microphone.
However, the female idol maintained her professionalism and continued her performance as if nothing had happened.

In a remarkable show of teamwork, Yuna swiftly came to help Yeji, deftly retrieving the microphone and handing it back to her. The seamless manner in which they handled the situation left fans astounded, as they couldn’t even discern when Yuna had picked up the mic. This impressive moment between the two ITZY idols is currently being widely shared and admired online for their flawless and seamless execution.

Yuna’s quick and skillful mic rescue for Yeji
yuna yeji
Yuna and Yeji, are garnering extensive praise from the online community for their professional handling of the situation.

Source: k14

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