It turns out that “Street Woman Fighter 2” has two married dancers

Viewers are surprised to find out that two dancers in “Street Woman Fighter 2” are already married

The first person is Akanen, the leader of TSUBAKILL, the crew that joined “Street Woman Fighter 2” on behalf of Japanese dancers.

Tvakill Akanen

Born on September 24th, 1989, Akanen is 33 years old this year. Like HOOK’s leader Aiki in Season 1, Akanen is also a married dancer. She registered her marriage with Japanese dancer Yoshiki Kuroiwa in February 2020. In February of the following year, Akanen gave birth to a daughter and became a mother. 

Akanen-Yoshiki Kuroiwa

Appearing on “Street Woman Fighter 2”, Akanen introduced herself with several keywords, such as “can do both male and female dances”, “dance power and choreography skills”, “overwhelming choreography skills”, “explosive power”, “excellent dance composition”, “jazz, R&B, hip-hop, heel dances”, “24 years of dancing experience”, etc. As the leader of TSUBAKILL, Akanen is attracting many Korean fans by showcasing her superior skills in various dance battles and missions.

The second person is another TSUBAKILL member Sayaka. 

tsubakill Sayaka

Sayaka was born on March 21st, 1987 and she is currently 36 years old. She married Double Dutch performer Koya in June last year. Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes are moved in opposite directions and jumped by one or more players at the same time. It’s an activity that combines sports and art elements. It is known that Sayaka and Koya haven’t had any children yet.

Sayaka Koya

Showing off her impressive sexiness in “Street Woman Fighter 2”, Sayaka is a veteran dancer with 20 years of experience. She introduced herself through the program with keywords such as “excellent isolation”, “acrobatic talent”, “strong physical strength”, “Sayaka’s unique style”, etc. The female dancer once made headlines when she received a shout out from Chris Brown, a musician and one of the best dancers in the US.

Akanen and Sayaka’s crew TSUBAKILL sadly became the first eliminated crew in “Street Woman Fighter 2”. They faced Wolf’Lo in the elimination battle on the September 12th broadcast and lost with the final score of 2-3. 

Source: Wikitree

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