“Insulting my parents and hitting women”…The first-generation idol A got exposed of even more verbal abuse and assault

Controversy is reigniting as victims claiming to have been assaulted by a first-generation idol appear one after another.

On Jun 9th, an exposing post written by B, who was the head of the management team from the entertainment company represented by first-generation idol A, was posted on an online community.

B said, “I took courage to write this after seeing a trainee, who was at the agency, wrote about what happened when I worked for that agency,” adding that he quit after working at A’s company for about three months.


B then listed in detail what he had experienced at the company. B accompanied A to his outdoor filming schedule in the middle of summer, and was told to “don’t buy water, find some around here to drink,” while having to starve himself throughout the filming from 4-5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A picture of the company’s interior released by C 

In addition, A called B and forced him to lie to the building owner when the company’s office was flooded by heavy rain. When B refused to comply, A said, “You didn’t even receive basic education properly at home right? Your parents didn’t teach you that?” insulting and criticizing them.

In addition, B confessed that he had to work as an on-site manager for A while his main job remained the same, but he did not receive any additional bonus on his salary.

The exposing stories related to the first-generation idol A continued. Here comes C, another insider who said she had worked for A’s company for a long time. C said, “I was assaulted twice. Apart from the physical assault, I had heard abusive language several times,” she said, adding that he was hit on the head by A while moving to a restaurant after a schedule during their business trip to China in 2014, and had to hear a long lecture mixed with anger afterward in front of the restaurant.

A group photo taken at the agency’s practice room 6 years ago, released by the first account which exposed A

In the meantime, C said, “I’ve been verbally abused and insulted a lot, but I thought it was something I had to endure. There were some people who told me that I didn’t get hit a lot because I’m a woman,” she said, adding that the assault and verbal abuse of A were rampant. Finally, C mentioned the assault and verbal abuse that she suffered from A before leaving the company, but she said A told her that he had never done so.

Meanwhile, the first account, an idol trainee who claimed to have been assaulted and verbally abused by the first-generation idol A, announced an additional position today (Jun 10th). He said, “I also did wrong, and my writing has overexaggerated the situation at the time. We have taken time to see each other and recalled the day, and we exchanged apologies for each other’s mistakes,” adding that A is a warm-hearted person.

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