The white lace dress of BLACKPINK Rosé at Tiffany & Co exhibition caused controversy over a small detail

The white lace dress of BLACKPINK Rosé at the Tiffany & Co exhibition with a flared tail and bold cut-out made her look like a beautiful bride. 

Having debuted as a member of Kpop girl group BLACKPINK in 2016, Rosé now also sees popularity in the fashion realm. In June 2020, she was announced to be a Global Ambassador for the luxury brand Saint Lauren “YSL”, and started attending various fashion events. Every item adorned by Rosé, from jewelry, clothes, to shoes, quickly became hot topics on online forums, showing the female idol’s huge impact in the fashion world. 

blackpink rose vogue
Rosé boasts an overwhelming presence in the fashion realm

Recently, Rosé was named the new global ambassador of high-end jewelry designer Tiffany & Co., once again showing her large influence. On June 10th, Rosé attend Tiffany & Co.’s “Vision & Virtuosity” Exhibition, where her white lace dress with a bold cut-out stole the show with its gorgeousness.

The white lace dress of BLACKPINK Rosé
Rosé showed up at Tiffany & Co.’s “Vision & Virtuosity” Exhibition with a daring white cut-out dress.

However, amid praises from fans, the white lace dress of BLACKPINK Rosé faced controversial opinions from many netizens. According to them, the flare-tailed of the dress made Rosé’s back appear longer, while her pose looked unnatural and awkward. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Such a bold cut-out… yet it looks so elegant on Rosé… She truly looks like a bride. 
  • Rosé is making a grand entrance at Tiffany & Co.!!! 
  • All the praises about this dress, are you guys serious? That cut looks horrible on Rosé, and the only saving grace is her makeup. 
  • Is it just me, or the talk make Rosé’s body look skewed?
  • Why is she always in that messy hairstyle. It looks so out of place with this type of gown. 
The white lace dress of BLACKPINK Rosé
Many people believed that Rosé’s visual “saved” the otherwise ugly dress. 

At the event, Rosé also shared the same frame with Hollywood actresses Gal Gadot and Florence Pugh, Japanese actress Ayaka Miyoshi, YouTuber Paola Locatelli, singer-songwriter, and DJ Mark Ronson, President, and CEO of Tiffany & Co. Anthony Ledru, and Executive Vice President of Tiffany & Co. Alexandre Arnault.

Below are other photos of Rosé from this event:

Source: Tuoitrexahoi

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