iKON Koo Jun-hoe revealed how he once ran away to his parents’ house because he was scared of ghost

iKON will turn “IDOL RADIO SCHOOL” upside down with their charms and personal talents.

iKON appeared on U+ Idol Live’s “IDOL RADIO SCHOOL 3: PR ON IDOL,” which will air on May 11th, and met 2PM Jun-K and Highlight Lee Ki-kwang of the “IDOL RADIO SCHOOL PR team”.

iKON members challenged the “9th Promotional Model of Idol School” where they will take part in various games and missions hosted by Jun.K and Lee Gi-kwang to verify their quality as promotional models. First of all, in “Self-Briefing Time,” which each member introduced themselves, Jung Chan-woo, the youngest of the team, showed his charisma through his parody Lee Min-ho‘s line, “iKONIC, do I like you?” iKON then presented their new song “But You” on the spot, which is their comeback after a year and two months.

Koo Jun-hoe

Next, iKON will have time to verify their personalities and talents in the “Fact Check” section, which will be held with prior reports from fans. The youngest, Jung Chan-woo, drew Lee Gi-kwang on the spot. The portrait of Lee Gi-kwang painted by Jung Chan-woo will be released in the episode, and it is said that Lee Gi-kwang was surprised when he saw the result.

Koo Jun-hoe

Kim Dong-hyuk then sang enthusiastically with his KCM voice after a fan revealed that he is good at impersonating KCM, after which he is complimented by Jun.K

Next, Bobby hears a report that he is allergic to cuteness, and Kim Jin-hwan hears a report that he is a natural cutie. Jun.K and Lee Gi-kwang suggest on the spot, “Why don’t Jin-hwan show your aegyo so we can see Bobby’s expression”. In the end, Bobby tries to withstand Kim Jin-hwan‘s cuteness combo, but he gave up in the middle and shouted, raising questions among fans about how much Kim Jin-hwan‘s aegyo could have been.

Koo Jun-hoe

On the other hand, Koo Jun-hoe heard the report that “he looks like a manly man, but he’s a scaredy cat,” and coolly admits that he hates everything scary. Then, Kim Jin-hwan made fun of Koo Jun-hoe by making a surprise revelation, saying, “The day Koo Jun-hoe was left alone in our dorm, he went to his parents’ house because he was scared of ghost.”

Koo Jun-hoe

In addition, about Song Yun-hyung, fans reported that he has been singing “Forest of Dreams” for 12 years since he was a trainee, he said he would sing “Forest of Dreams” on the spot, exploding expectations. iKON’s various personal talents and best friend chemistry can be found at “IDOL RADIO SCHOOL”.

Meanwhile, U+ Idol Live’s original content, “IDOL RADIO SCHOOL 3: PR ON IDOL,” is live web entertainment where idol stars appear every other week to communicate with fans by giving off their charm through various games, talkshow corners, and missions. After the live broadcast, the re-edited videos will be uploaded a week later.

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