“Not debuting as a singer, I make the music that can express my dance style”, Honey J coolly takes on new challenges to expand her spectrum

Dancer Honey J marked a new milestone in her career as an entertainer by taking on new challenges, from performing to producing her own music.

The performance song “Honey Drop” that Honey J joined in the production was released on various online music sites at 6 p.m on August 28th. Singer Lil Cherry appeared as a featuring artist for the song.

Honey J participated in the whole production of this performance song as a producer and singing artist and created the song with her own unique style. In an interview released earlier on the Youtube channel of her agency’s More Vision, she shared “I want to make the music that can express Honey J’s dance style well”, showing her determination in producing music to express her own color in the performance.

Marking Honey J’s new start, “Honey Drop” was partly produced by 8BallTown’s producer Bronze and featured Lil Cherry. In addition, Honey J was also named as a lyricist alongside Lil Cherry, completing the song that embodies Honey J’s own performing style.

The music video for “Honey Drop”, which drew attention with the hot and spicy performance released in the teaser, impressed many people for its quality that is “better than expected”. The combination of Honey J’s charisma and bold charm with her fancy and colorful styling caught the eyes of fans.

Honey J’s explosive performance expressing “Honey Drop” with her whole body that becomes one with the music and her collaboration with Lil Cherry made the song sound even more exciting. Above all, Holy Bang’s friendship in highlighting Honey J’s stage presence also maximized the fun of watching the music video.

Honey J, who heralded diverse activities after signing an exclusive contract with More Vision founded by Jay Park, aroused keen public interest in her moves as she was rumored to debut as a singer. In response, Honey J explained through her Instagram, saying “I’m not making a debut as a singer”, and confirmed that she decided to not limit herself as a dancer but take a step forward as a comprehensive entertainer and expand her spectrum further through the release of this performance song. Expectations are high on Honey J’s unlimited challenges in the future.

Source: naver

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