HyunA reveals provocative and sexy “underboob fashion”, exposing her lower chest line

HyunA has drawn great attention with an eye-catching fashion style that highlights her chest line.

On April 21st, HyunA posted several photos on her Instagram account along with three ribbon emoticons. The released photos show HyunA taking a break and basking in the sunlight on what appears to be the rooftop of a building.

hyunah instagram

HyunA can be seen donning a short-sleeved knit tee and slit denim jeans, exuding both sporty and sexy charms simultaneously. The female singer also surprised viewers by showcasing a daring “underboob” style, which fully exposes her lower chest line.

HyunA also appeared to have lost more weight recently, as her ribcage was visible even with just her hands on her head.

Netizens showed a heated response, saying, “This is a fashion that only HyunA can pull off,” and “HyunA really has both cute and sexy charms.”

Meanwhile, HyunA had been in a relationship with singer Dawn for 6 years before breaking up last November.

Dawn recently stirred up controversy by revealing his unchanging feelings towards HyunA on the YouTube channel “1theK”.

At the time, he confessed, “I just love the person called ‘HyunA,'” and “Even if we were with different people on the street, I think I would still be in love with HyunA.”

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