BamBam “After the contract with JYP was over, I fell out of love with my celebrity life…My life started again through ‘Transit Love'”

BamBam brought up the story of “Transit Love 2”.

MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on Jan 25th, featured “paper dolls” Kwanghee, Hwang Soo Kyung, Joo Woo Jae and BamBam. BamBam told the story of “Transit Love 2“.

On this day, Hwang Soo Kyung caused laughter as she said, “I usually hear that I look like a chihuahua because I’m skinny and have big ears. I also heard a lot that I resemble Michael Jackson. I was hurt by the comments, but I thought it might be so.

BamBam Radio star

Kim Gu Ra asked, “What do you do when you’re angry?” Hwang Soo Kyung drew attention by saying, “You know that I have a very nice and upright image without cursing. I just have nothing to curse at. But I do scream.

BamBam said, “In Thailand, they call me the national singer. I didn’t know, but when I went to the countryside, the monks, grandmas and grandpas all recognized me.” Yoo Se Yoon added, “I went to BamBam’s hometown together with him. The airport was paralyzed.

BamBam Radio star

BamBam attracted attention by saying, “There’s a passageway at the airport that only royalty can use. When I went to the airport, there were so many people that all the escalators and elevators were broken. I got permission from the king and used that passageway.

BamBam continued, “I first joined ‘Transit Love’ as a guest then became a fixed member. It feels like my life started again through ‘Transit Love’. After the contract with JYP was over, I fell out of love with my celebrity life. I wondered why it didn’t work even though I worked hard. There was a company that was very obsessed with me among the companies I received love calls from. I talked to them 5 times and refused 5 times, but they kept calling me. We promised to focus on Korea.

BamBam Radio star

BamBam asked, “I was going to give up if I couldn’t do my best during this period, but fortunately, ‘Transit Love’ appeared. Is there a time when you feel skeptical about the entertainment industry?” Kim Gu Ra made everyone laugh by replying, “There are times when I lose my affection, but what should I do?

Source: Nate

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