Hwasa saved BamBam’s life “She saved me when I was stuck in the back porch”

GOT7 BamBam said Hwasa was his “lifesaver”.

On Sep 8th, a video featuring Hwasa was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Bam’s House”.

BamBam introduced, “First guest of Bam’s House Season 2 is… people might think that this person is not related to BamBam at all. But a guest who can talk about stories you don’t know came today. Let’s hear the story later.”

The guest who arrived at this time was Hwasa. Hwasa recently made a comeback with a new song called “I LOVE MY BODY”. BamBam revealed, “We were neighbors for 4.5 years. There are 2~3 houses on the same floor and her house was across my house gate!

Hwasa saved BamBam's life

BamBam and Hwasa then began to unravel awkward anecdotes that had happened for 4.5 years. BamBam recalled, “I remember it was a day when I was cleaning the house. I was wearing slippers, short pants and a sleeveless shirt. I’m like an anchovy. I was also holding bags of trashes… and the elevator door opened! Hwasa with full make-up appeared… I said, ‘I’m sorry.’ I didn’t even say ‘hi’. I don’t know why I said I’m sorry.”

Hwasa confessed, “In my memory, you were cool. I was like, ‘He looks fine without decoration himself. What should I do with myself?’

Hwasa saved BamBam's life

The two even ran into each other when they ordered delivery food. BamBam shared, “Honestly, we both were not in good condition that day. Since that day, when I open up the door, I’m like… slowing myself.” Hwasa caused laughter as she explained, “For me, when I arrive to 4th floor after taking the elevator, if there’s a delivery food in front of your house, I think like, ‘Omg, I have to get in fast.’ I don’t know when you’ll open the door.

This was not the end of their neighborhood episodes. Hwasa saved BamBam’s life.

Hwasa said, “It was my first time visiting his house. We have a shared acquaintance dancer. That dancer called me and said, ‘Can you go to Bam’s House?’ I was like, ‘Me? Why?’ He said, ‘BamBam is… stuck in the back porch.’ He wanted someone to open the door. I went in and went to his bedroom. He was in the back porch calling someone.” BamBam continued, “I wasn’t calling… I was grilling mushroom there. I got a pine mushroom gift from someone and I was like, ‘Let me eat it since it’s my day off.’ But you know that house, right? If the door’s closed, it can’t be opened.

Hwasa saved BamBam's life

Hwasa nodded, saying, “That’s right. The veranda door makes a sound when it’s fully closed. If that sound was made, you’re stuck in there.” BamBam added, “What if I didn’t have my phone with me? I’d be still in there today?

BamBam asked, “What were you thinking when you opened up the door for me?” Hwasa replied, “I thought it was fun. If you were not in the same industry, maybe I would have felt uncomfortable… since I even had to go to your bedroom. Just joking. I think I felt comfortable since it was you.

Source: Daum

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