“Human Chanel” Jennie boasts her glamorous beauty and sexy collarbone in new photos

Jennie showed off her sexy body figure.

On the afternoon of April 30th, BLACKPINK’s Jennie posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption “Magical weekend”.

In the released photos, Jennie showed a variety of images. Jennie, who was wearing a Chanel T-shirt, gave off an elegant and sexy vibe.


Her flawless skinny body drew admiration from netizens. Her sharp collarbone and glamorous physique got everyone overwhelmed.

Jennie’s beauty also caught the eyes of global fans. Her orange hairstyle made her visual look even prettier.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” music video exceeded 1.4 billion views on Youtube at 5:56 a.m on April 23rd. This is BLACKPINK’s third MV to hit 1.4 billion views. As a result,  with six music videos exceeding 1 billion views, BLACKPINK has gained a total of 32 billion views on Youtube so far. 

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