Honey Lee responded head-on to rumors claiming that she had a surrogacy

SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” aired on Jan 18th featured Seol Kyung Gu, Honey Lee, Park So Dam and Seo Hyun Woo, the main cast of the movie “Phantom” released on the same day.

On this day, Kim Tae Kyun praised Honey Lee, who returned after giving birth, saying, “I think you have become prettier after giving birth to your child.”

Honey Lee

In response, Honey Lee mentioned a rumor that was circulating, saying, “It’s not true, but there was a rumor claiming that ‘she lied that she gave birth to the child that someone else gave birth to.‘” Lee drew a line on the absurd rumor, adding, “I exercised more than you guys thought, which is why my recovery was as fast as saving money.

Honey Lee, who gave birth to her daughter in June last year, expressed her affection for the little girl, saying, “She is about seven months old.” Kim Tae Kyun said, “She showed me her daughter’s photo, and the baby is adorable.

Honey Lee

Honey Lee then introduced the movie “Phantom”, “The movie ‘Phantom’ is a spy action film that takes place in the year 1933, in which the Governor-General imprisoned five suspects in the same hotel after hearing reports that there were spies from anti-Japanese organizations there.

It will be different from traditional movies from the Japan resistance era. The movie is fantastic and exhilarating,” she added, raising expectations.

Honey Lee

Meanwhile, actress Honey Lee married a Korean-American office worker in December 2021. At that time, Honey Lee drew great attention by announcing both the news of her wedding and her pregnancy about a month after she admitted to dating.

Despite giving birth to her daughter in June last year, she surprised people by recovering her toned body in about seven months after giving birth.

Source: Wikitree

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